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Area Rug Cleaning

The majority of us prefer a good area rug. They can liven up a room, add a nice design touch, and make it easier for us to clean up. However, area rugs need a little extra love and attention if you want them to stay nice. Depending on the kind of rug, you might need a special set of steps to keep it looking and feeling great for years to come. This is why our team is so happy to offer area rug cleaning services. 

What Is Area Rug Cleaning?

Area rug cleaning is a special process that is dedicated to keeping area rugs clean and safe. Even though the average person believes that simply vacuuming a rug is enough from a maintenance perspective, the reality is that you might be taking years off of your rug’s life by relying on vacuuming alone. A proper area rug cleaning is not just for aesthetics or to manage germs. It is also to help keep your rug in good shape throughout the years. Area rug cleaning allows you to keep your rug in good shape over time, all while keeping it looking nice. It’s a must-have if you want to keep your rug for years to come. 

Why Should I Have My Area Rug Cleaned?

The majority of us believe that the biggest threat to our rugs is dirt, dust, and anything that our shoes drag in. Though this is true, you might be surprised to learn that vacuuming and simple spot cleaning doesn’t really help with this. In most cases, spot cleaning and vacuuming are really only a treatment approach for the surface of your rug. While this is important, the health of your rug actually goes much deeper than that. As we use our rugs, the dirt and dust from the air get pushed deep into the fibers in a way that vacuums and other cleaning approaches alone will not fix. Over time, as we step onto the rug, we will further grind these coarse materials into the carpet fibers, causing deep and irreparable damage. As more time passes, the rug will degrade as a whole, leaving us with a badly damaged area rug that has lost its spark. 

How Can You Help?

Our team is proud to offer state of the art area rug cleaning services to keep your rugs looking great. We are prepared to work with a wide range of materials and know exactly how to treat each rug in order to ensure a safe and comfortable finish. We help your rugs to last longer and we make them look pretty amazing too! Our cleaning services go well beyond the surface of the rug to address any hidden dirt or grime. We then use specialized techniques to remove any debris before offering a complete clean. When we are done, we will allow your rug to safely dry, leaving you with a soft and beautiful rug that is ready to last the ages. Don’t worry, we can handle stains too!

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