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Carpet Stretching

Over time, there are many different ways for carpet to break down. While some carpet is simply run down from wear and tear, other times our carpet can become a bit loose. If you have noticed that your carpet doesn’t quite look or feel like it used to, there might be a good reason for it. It is possible that after exposure to traffic, your carpet has relaxed in an uncomfortable way, leaving you in need of a good carpet stretching.

What Is Carpet Stretching?

Carpet stretching is the unknown secret of the carpet world. If you have noticed that your carpet doesn’t seem to fit the room right anymore, hold off before you request new carpet. Carpet stretching takes your carpet and stretches it so that it fits the room perfectly again. We will personally take the carpet in a room, stretch it, and reattach it so that it fits the room securely again. This can help if it has been looking a bit loose or run down in certain areas and can make a room look much nicer. 

Why Should I Have My Carpets Stretched?

Carpet stretching is a helpful solution for those who are looking to revamp their old carpet without paying for a completely new carpet installation. When most people begin to see their carpet begin to sag, they generally prepare to begin investing in new carpet installations. New carpet installation can be a very costly process, particularly if you have a lot of carpet in your home. Carpet stretching is a great way to preserve the carpet that you already have, and it generally makes your room look nicer too.

High traffic areas are known to cause a higher level of stress on the carpet. At its core, carpet is a kind of fabric that has been stretched to cover your room. The more time that we spend walking on our carpet, the more likely it is to show signs of stress over time. These indicators can especially be seen in areas where the carpet is connected to certain anchors on the floor. The end result is carpet that looks loose, and might even become fully disconnected from an area.

When your carpet comes loose, it isn’t ruined. It will look quite a bit worse and can even cause problems when you step on certain areas, but it generally isn’t beyond saving. Carpet stretching allows you to reconnect your carpet to the anchors to make sure that it is snugly in place. You won’t believe how much better your carpet can look from this simple process, and it allows you to extend the life of your carpet by quite a bit. It is a cost-effective way to maintain your carpet and improve the look and feel of your home, even in high traffic areas!

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