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Our floors go through a lot on a daily basis, particularly in high traffic areas. Though most of us do our respective parts to maintain our flooring, life happens, and over time, it will show. Stripping and waxing is a great way to maintain your floors, and allows you to ensure that your floors look brand new, even after years of use! We offer strip and wax services for a wide range of floor types so that you can feel good about your floors and impress any guests!

What Does It Mean To Strip and Wax A Floor?

When we strip and wax a floor, it means that we will take the top layer off of your floor and replace it with a new one. Linoleum, vinyl, and even certain kinds of tile generally have a wax top that is designed to absorb the damage inflicted by regular use. This preventative measure is what allows your floors to stay nice during years of use, but it is not completely without damage. Eventually, you will begin to notice that this wax later will begin to show damage.

A lot of the time, we don’t really see it as damage. To the naked eye, it can just make your floors look a bit faded and scuffed. However, the reality is that it is the wax layer on top of the floor taking damage from use. Over time, it will begin to look worse, and can actually cause further problems down the line. When we strip and wax a floor, we remove this layer and replace it with a brand new one.

Why Should I Have My Floors Stripped and Waxed?

There are two primary reasons to have your floors stripped and waxed: aesthetics and protection. From an aesthetic perspective, most of us like to have our floors stripped and waxed because it makes them look much nicer. Over time, damage to the wax layer will make floors like dingy and overused. When the wax layer is replaced, the floors will look shiny, clear, and brand new again. Many people are surprised to see what a difference this simple process can make. It is a great way to restore your floors to their original glory without paying to have new ones installed.

Beyond simply looking nice, the wax layer on your floors is designed to offer protection to the actual flooring material. When this layer becomes compromised, it can lead to actual damage to the materials below. As this occurs, the integrity of your flooring can become completely compromised, leading to damage that takes a lot more to repair. Even when your floors just look a bit scuffed, they can actually be exposing the material below. The wax layer is, more often than not, what protects your flooring materials from moisture. When it is left unchecked, moisture can seep into the floor and cause the material itself to rot. This can lead to costly repairs, or force you to replace the floor completely. Fortunately, this simple maintenance step can keep your floors safe and secure for years!

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