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Stain Protector & Deodorizer

The fact is that sometimes our carpet and upholstery are exposed to certain problematic sources. It might be kids, pets, or even an adult with a messy hobby. The end result is always the same: stains and smells. Most of us would prefer to not have to deal with constantly scrubbing the fabric surface in our home to combat these problems, which is why sometimes it can be helpful to offer your area a little extra defense. At Disson’s Carpet and Upholstery, we have state-of-the-art stain protectors and deodorizers that are perfect for the job.

What Does A Stain Protector Do?

Stain protectors are known for their unique ability to protect stainable surfaces from stains. Though they might not be able to resist every kind of stain that they are exposed to, they do an excellent job of making the fabric itself more resistant. This means that even when your fabrics are exposed to a stain-causing substance, they will be less likely to stain and the stain will not be able to penetrate as deeply. 

Using a stain protector can be incredibly helpful if you want to protect a surface. Though you might tell your three-year-old that they can’t have juice in the family room, they probably won’t listen. The fact is that accidents do happen, and a lot of the time they can leave a stain. Whether it is your child eating chocolate or your dog coming in after playing in the mud, there are plenty of ways to make a mess in a home. Stain protectors can help to keep nice fabric looking nice. Whether you are looking to protect your couch or your carpets, it is always good to give them a little extra protection.

What Is A Deodorizer?

The world is full of smells, and some of them are ones we would rather not stick around. You might love your dog, but the fact is that they can get a bit smelly at times, and a lot of the time, that smell will stick into surfaces. Couches and carpets can all end up smelling like pets. Even if your pet is clean, their fur can end up ground into the carpet when they shed, leaving behind a long-lasting smell that you would rather not be present. Smells can come from pets, kids, hobbies, and a wide range of other sources. Most people want their homes smelling clean, but find themselves battling the smells that are sometimes present in the home. A deodorizer can help.

A deodorizer is a specialized agent that penetrates deep into your upholstery and helps it to remain more resistant to certain smells. It allows your furniture and carpet to be less likely to absorb smells and helps to remove smells when they have been otherwise present. This means that you can say goodbye to the smell of your pets and hello to fresh air in your home. It is an easy way to make your home smell nice and clean whether your space is recovering from an unpleasant incident or simple odors left from everyday living.

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